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Our Story


Our Story

At Johnson Passion Projects we understand that not everyone enjoys having to get their property market ready, for some people this experience is stressful. So, we took this to heart and made it our passion to help find a more stress-free way to help people get their properties market ready.

We at Johnson Passion Projects developed a no upfront cost program to help people struggling for time, money and renovation experience. YOU can NOW take advantage of our expertise, in presenting YOUR property in its finest state to achieve the highest possible selling price.

Meet The Team


Paul Johnson

Co-Owner & Carpenter


Angela Johnson

Co-Owner & Designer


Shonte Paiti

Marketing & Design

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Why Choose JPP

Selling your property should be an exciting time in your life, however, not everyone gets excited when it comes to getting their property market ready.


We at Johnson Passion Projects pride ourselves in making this process EASY and STRESS FREE. So you can spend YOUR time, YOUR way.


How Can We Help?

Before you ask, No, we are not real estate agents. 

We understand everyone has their own unique circumstances.

We offer to LISTEN to YOU.

We offer to HELP YOU.

We offer to get your property, MARKET ready with NO upfront costs to YOU.

How Do I Join?

Click on the link below and fill out our information form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

Thanks for choosing

Johnson Passion Projects

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